Who is Marcel-Jan


My name is Marcel-Jan Krijgsman. And this is my website, www.marcel-jan.eu.

Marcel-Jan in Venice
By day I am Oracle database administration consultant for customers of Transfer Solutions. I also give trainings, amongst which, Oracle Database Tuning II, a four-day training (in Dutch) for DBAs who really want to know how to get better performance on their databases. Included in the training is a nice 1-day workshop.

In the evenings I sometimes write articles for Astrostart.nl about spaceflight and astronomy. I even could call myself a spaceflight journalist. Spaceflight and astronomy have facinated me ever since I was about ten years old. I stil keep up with the developments in these fields. Since a while I have my own telescope, a 200 mm Dobson. I made this picture of the moon with it:

The moon as seen through my telescope.
So far it's all rather left brained material, but the right half of my brain also regularely gets to do stuff. For example I'm fond of cooking and plants that I grow on my balcony often survive the summer. By the way, most plants that I grow, grow things to eat: tomatos, courgette, strawberry and al kinds of herbs.

To burn the fats and carbohydrons that appear in my cuisine, I often excersise. I do fitness (spinning and row) and make trips on my bicycle sometimes (and I don't mean to get groceries). Last august I participated for the second time in the Trio Triathlon of Deil, the Netherlands. It's a quarter of a triathlon, divided over three teammembers: a swimmer, a cyclist and a runner. I did the 42 kilometers this year in 1 hour 19 minutes and 36 seconds. Collegues from Transfer did the swimming and running part.

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