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When I was studying for the Hortonworks Data Platform Certified Administrator exam, I went through some dry information on how Hadoop high availability works. I decided I could do better. And so my first Big Data related Youtube video was born.

Hadoop High Availability in a Hurry - Part 1: HDFS
HDFS can handle crashing datanodes pretty well, but the weak point (in Hadoop 2) is the namenode. This video talks about the features available to make HDFS truly high available.

Hadoop High Availability in a Hurry - Part 2: YARN
In Hadoop 2 YARN also isn't high available by default. This video discusses what you could do.

Fun with Data - Python, pandas and space rocks
I've grown very enthusiastic about the pandas matplotlib libraries in Python. I decided to load and visualize asteroid data with it.

Fun with Data - Python and more space rocks
In the previous video I was able to only make a graph of the first 10,000 asteroids. But I didn't give up and managed to load and graph all of them.

How to automatically land a rocket stage with Python in Kerbal Space Program
Elon Musk can do it, why can't I. Landing rocket stages? It's only a software problem. And eventually I managed to do it... in the game Kerbal Space Program.

Hadoop in a Hurry - Security
Can't keep track of all the security related products in and around Hadoop? This video will give you a quick overview.

Fun with Data - MongoDB and space rocks
MongoDB is a very interesting NoSQL database. And you would be surprised how easy it is to get some statistical information of your data.

Making a Hertzsprung-Russell diagram from Gaia data with Elasticsearch
After learning ElasticSearch, LogStash and Kibana, I decided to try to load data from the Gaia telescope in it.

This video will explain more about the code:

Finding if exercising works with R Studio
I've followed a RStudio intro course and I got an idea: I''ve gathered health data on myself for 6 years. Could I prove that exercising leads to weight loss or loss of body fat? It proved harder than I thought.

Loading rocket data in Neo4J
Graph databases, like Neo4J, are a very interesting kind of databases. It's all about relationships between data. I decided to load data on all orbital launches and satellites in Neo4J to visualize the data in Neo4J Desktop.

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